Union Medium

The Union wall lighting collection consists of a variety of striking wall sconces. Each model consists of different layers, unified into four unique wall luminaires: two solid models and two vibrant models with custom hexagon shape pattern perforations.

The Union wall lamps offer both up- and downlight, but also indirect light that shines through the different layers in an atmospheric way.

With this collection, Jasper van Grootel wanted to design a wall fixture that really catches the eye and adds an aesthetic value to any interior, public or private. Even when the fixture is switched off, it is still a feast for the eyes!

Click here: Union

Union Large

The Union Large is an addition to the Union Medium collection. Joining the Medium version with a dashing large size and offering even wider variation for private and public interiors.

JSPR’s Union collection is available in seven different anodised colours: black, silver, gold, champagne, bronze, pink and the new JSPR colour: Green!

The Union wall luminaires are currently only available for indoor use. Outdoor versions coming soon. 

[Update 2023: Union Pendant now also available!]

Click here: Union Pendant