Van der Grift aannemingsbedrijf - JSPR

Van der Grift aannemingsbedrijf

Spaciousness, lots of light and sustainability were key for the realisation of Van der Grift’s new office building!

The new building for Van der Grift (Harmelen, NL) was designed by Heyligers architects (NL). Large vertical windows and skylights provide plenty of light. Horizontal slats in front of the glass facade give the building even more charm ánd filter the light. The sustainable installations and materials make the building almost completely energy neutral. The building was built in-house by Van der Grift. As icing on the cake, an impressive light installation had to be placed in front of the glass facade. They chose no less than 3 Lunar lamps from JSPR. The Lunar collection is a real eye-catcher with the lights on all sides of the ring.

More info about the company: Van der Grift Groep
Architecture by: Heyligers Architects
Photos by:  Wouter van der Sar

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