Private residence - JSPR

Private residence

Private residence in Budel, NL

This client envisioned a home where every room is illuminated by JSPR’s Union wall lights.

Yet, the realisation of this vision was not a mere matter of uniformity. Because, as in many cases, rooms can differ in terms of style and size and all have their unique character. Therefor we carefully selected the model and color of these wall lights per area of the house.

For the areas with the striking wallpaper (by Moooi) the Union Medium Solid lights were chosen. For all the open spaces, both downstairs and upstairs, the Union Medium Mesh lights were chosen, creating a beautiful shadow-play on the walls. In the living room area, two majestic Union Large Mesh lights now take center stage.

The Union collection consists of five different models that are all available in seven different, luxurious colors to choose from. In addition there is also the Union Pendant collection!

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