Private residence - JSPR

Private residence

Private residence in Eindhoven, NL

The owners of this private residence discovered JSPR’s Eden collection, designed for mixing and matching. They opted for the linear Eden Line lamp above the dining table and the rectangular Eden Rectangle lamp above the kitchen island. Both fixtures share the same color and finish, creating a visually harmonious pair. Additionally, the Eden Rectangle was enhanced with the DECO option, featuring decorative interior lighting for added luminosity and aesthetic appeal. The homeowners’ passion for design is evident, making this project a true reflection of their discerning taste.

The Eden collection consists of a lineair Eden Line in different lengths and colors, a ring lamp in different sizes and colours and a rectangular lamp in different sizes and colours. The ring and rectangular lamps provide both up- and downlight but they can also be upgraded to the DECO variant! Discover the entire Eden collection!

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