Läckerli Huus - JSPR

Läckerli Huus

Läckerli Huus store in Basel, Switzerland

After winning the pitch, the Dioma AG (CH) team was commissioned as general contractor to implement the pilot branch for Läckerli Huus and the subsequent roll-out. The materialization and color concept was adapted to the various Läckerli Huus products and customer requirements. A harmonious combination of light wood, brown, caramel and taupe colors, as well as feminine and organic shapes round off the new concept. The new “Live Baking” is the highlight: freshly baked Basler Läckerli give off a wonderful scent and make the craftsmanship an authentic experience.

JSPR’s bronze coloured FRAMED lights are, according to Dioma AG, the highlight of the shop…and we are happy to agree with that! These Framed lights were made in custom sizes to completely fulfil the clients needs.

More info about the interior architect: Dioma AG
Photos by:  Tobias Siebrecht
Client: Laeckerli Huus

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