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Kick Offices

This project, in the beautiful and well-known PSV soccer stadium, is what we call a home game.

Kick Offices was launched in a beautiful area on the ground floor of the stadium, nearby our own Headquarters in Eindhoven (NL). Kick Offices offers inspiring and flexible workplaces, for entrepreneurs. The uniquely decorated work environment are fully custom made, so that entrepreneurs can work and receive their guests in style. A professional environment with a homely atmosphere where you will instantly feel comfortable.

When you rent a workplace from Kick Offices, you are sure you will be completely taken care of. The workstations are not only decorated in detail, there is also a host present to receive guests. This host also owns some barista skills and can thus prepare the most delicious coffee for you and your visitors. Incidentally, this is done under the sparkling light of our XXL Diamonds.

The complete interior was done by LOVD Interiors. They give interior advice and do custom work, usually based on their own designs (” lovd ones ”). LOVD Interiors has an extensive machine park with experienced interior builders who strive for quality and perfection. As you can for sure see in this gorgeous project. We thank LOVD Interiors for applying no less than three JSPR collections in this project, and hope for even more of these kind of beautiful collaborations. Click here for the Aurora collection or the Pirouette collection.

More info about the workplace: Kick Offices
More info about the interior designer/builder: LOVD Interiors

JSPR Pirouettes @ Kick Offices in Eindhoven (NL) ; design by KRAGT (NL) ; realization by LOVD (NL)
JSPR Pirouettes @ Kick Offices in Eindhoven (NL) ; design by KRAGT (NL) ; realization by LOVD (NL)
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