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Custom shop interior

Custom made, high end shop interior @ Van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam (NL)

FOUR (by Azzurro Group) is a high end fashion store for men, located in the heart of Amsterdam. FOUR opened their first store in 2012, in the famous and luxurious shopping street Pieter Cornelis Hoofstraat, Amsterdam (NL). JSPR was commisioned, to completely design and build this three level store. Click here to see the result. 

In the beginning of 2018, the big news came out that FOUR store was going to move into a new and improved venue. Again, JSPR was commissioned to design and build this new store on the Van Baerlestraat, Amsterdam (NL). This time bigger, better and more impressive. Just around the corner of their previous venue, the FOUR 2.0 store is now up and running.

In only a couple of months we established an amazing result that includes an impressive facade, several plant-walls, steel display cabinets, marble countertops, custom made art pieces and even a fireplace. Shopping here has become a true experience as you will walk into many different ”zones” that each have their own unique features and surprise you with the most original materials en custom made¬†characteristics.

For more info about the store: Four Amsterdam

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