The Pillar collection owes its name to the inverted, ribbed glass which reminds us of the iconic Roman Pillars. Each Pillar lighting fixture is built around a Crystal glass bar and finished with bushed aluminum parts.

The combination of the Crystal glass with the brushed aluminum pastry leads to a collection of beautiful lighting fixtures with a very high decorative appearance that really catches the eye. The Pillar collection spreads a soft light that makes any interior feel warm and inviting. 

We have incorporated the latest technology in this collection, combining modern lighting solutions and high end metalwork. 

The Pillar collection consists of a wide range of light fixtures: A suspended lights in two different dimensions, a wall light, a table light ánd a floor light in two different dimensions. All available  in a range of seven luxurious colours to choose from.

Handcrafted by JSPR’s production team in The Netherlands, like all our designs.

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