For those who go to Tokyo, expecting the latest technology and neon lighting, will not be disappointed. There are many places that have become an attraction because of the many shop signs and illuminated advertisements. Did you know that you can even see the many lights of Japan’s capital from out of space?

Designer Jasper van Grootel found himself inspired by the futuristic, hypnotizing lights that Tokyo’s city center offers.  Together with an Eindhoven based neon artist he worked on light installations that would later lead to what we now proudly call our new Tokyo lighting collection.

A collection that offers an exciting, new atmosphere that you haven’t seen before at JSPR. 

The collection consists of circle shaped fixtures, crafted from durable aluminium, provided with neon LED tubes of 3000K or 4000K and high luminosity that gives the collection an urban and modern feel.

The Tokyo lights are standard delivered including dimmable LED light; textile electricity cable (3m); three steel suspension cables (3m) and are standard available in two different sizes and five different colors: black, silver, champagne, gold and bronze. Standard delivered with an externally placed phase-cut / Triac dimmable driver.

Accessories such as ceiling roses, custom drivers etc. are available on request.

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