Hexagon: a new addition to our circle shaped Aurora collection – A JSPR classic! This hexagonal shape offers new possibilities as it enables you to create an endless honeycomb pattern in the air or on you wall. 

Available in three different sizes and five different colors, this collection can be mixed and matched. Contact us to inquire about custom colors and sizes.

Handcrafted from anodized aluminum: our favorite because it’s a durable and light-weighted material that enables us to make large installations without any problem. Anodizing basically means that the parts go into a color bath, to let the color absorb into the material. This has the advantage, compared to paintwork, that the color cannot flake or damage.

Provided with retro fairground lightbulbs, the Hexagons provide you with the same holy light that you see more often in our collections.

Accessories such as ceiling roses, drivers, dimmers etc. are available on request.

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