This message is to inform you what the current circumstances, regarding COVID-19, mean for JSPR:

-Luckily our headquarters in Eindhoven (NL) is large enough to offer each JSPR member its own office. Therefor we have more than enough people ready to help you with your request / order, in a safe and responsible way. 

-The same goes for our production. All JSPR products are made by hand, one at a time, by our experienced producers here in The Netherlands. We continue to handle each order with excellent care. 

-We don’t rely on suppliers from abroad, as we have an in-house production. Therefor no lack of parts or delays in any sense.

-Our experienced carriers continue to deliver all parcels and other deliveries.

-Showroom visits: preferably as little as possible. But if you can’t control your curiosity, which we understand, make an appointment subject to everyone adhering to the current guidelines.

-If anything changes to the information mentioned, we will let you know immediately.

-Our online boutique is also open 24/7: