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JSPR is a luxury lighting brand with a passion for large lighting objects, by Jasper van Grootel

Memorable design: lighting, furniture & objects

Jasper van Grootel founded JSPR in 2005. He let the company grow into a versatile interior design label, immediately receiving a lot of attention for his Plastic Fantastic furniture collection, a collection that – although no longer available – we are still very proud of! In 2013 Jasper reconnected with his passion for electronics and lighting, which shifted JSPR’s focus to creating only beautiful and unique light fixtures since then. A specialisation that gives us much joy.

Being committed to on-demand production, JSPR is able to customize each product to a client’s needs. Each product is made by hand, one at a time, by our dedicated producers here in The Netherlands. We make sure our products are made out of sustainable materials, build to last, using only LED light and energy efficient technology. Our production team makes sure every product is realized to everybody’s maximum satisfaction.

Our design team, lead by head designer Jasper van Grootel, forms the heart of the company. Designing distinctive and extraordinary products is what they do best, whether it is for one our own collections, or a custom design for your project. JSPR often pairs classic elements with contemporary forms, to create products that feel familiar, yet totally new. We offer high quality with an unexpected touch. 

JSPR often pairs classic elements with contemporary forms, to create products that feel familiar, yet totally new.

About Jasper

It was 2005 when Jasper graduated from the well known Design Academy in Eindhoven (NL). He was determined to start designing for his own future label en therefor started JSPR in his fourth and final year at the DAE. He explored many different facets of interior design but is delighted with his decision to have made the business shift towards lighting.

Ever since he was little, he preferred to focus on his creativity rather than playing outside, and made small lighting installations that his parents allowed him to place in the window.

Nowadays, his creations decorate leading hotels and restaurant all around the world. What Jasper loves most about his work is seeing products grow from sketch to final product.

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