JSPR launches new collections

During the design week in Milan, JSPR will introduce its four latest collections; ‘Cubics’, ‘Flames’, ‘Arctic Rock’ and ‘JSPR Office’.

The modular system ‘Cubics’ consists of differently sized cubic boxes with fronts covered in a range of different materials, colors and designs. This allows for unlimited variations and possibilities, so you can create your own ideal cabinet using your favorite combinations. Special designer fronts are also available, for example in collaboration with Michiel van der Kley.

‘Flames’ is a series of light sources based on a gaslight system. These cylinder-shaped elements are available in a variety of four different patterns, each with its own distinct play of shadow and light. These light elements will add atmosphere and warmth to any garden or terrace.

The uniquely shaped ‘Arctic Rock’ is a collection of furniture with a faceted surface, completely sculpted out of solid wood and with a glossy white finish. The matching ‘Diamond Vase’, made out of Bone China, has been developed in collaboration with Pol’s Potten.

‘JSPR Office’ represents a new collection of office furniture and accessories to make the office space more personal and more sophisticated.