Kennedy Business Center

The Kennedy lounge represents a waiting room for a business Real Estate trading office based at the 82.5 meter high transparent Kennedy Tower in the city of Eindhoven NL.

The lounge features an Old English styled wall system, made out of decorated rubberized wood panels to create a surprising combination between classical arts and crafts and a highly modern finish.

The panel system was specially designed to created a flexible panel system in which almost every wall /door setting can be handled. The yacht trophy’s are also rubberized in color to create almost a poured liked wall.

At the opposite of this wall we created a transparent natural environment thru which you can see the city of Eindhoven. The movable panels designed by Sylvie Meuffels are laser cut from 1mm aluminum sheet metal which can be moved by 2 rail systems to create open or more closed settings.

The Plastic Fantastic Series – Voltaire I chairs and tables in black finalize the complete setting with a classy and trendy atmosphere.