Houseboat Amstel

JSPR was asked to design a houseboat located at the Amstel cannel right across Amsterdam’s Famous Carre Theater. The boat was fully stripped to the bare metal to build the boat almost from scratch on off.  Inner sections were removed to obtain as much space as possible for creating an open living, lounge, bedroom and bathroom.

For this project we designed an open loft like space with a freestanding utility block, which contains a bathroom, toilet, sinks and washroom. The block is centered in the middle to have to passages at both sides to experience an open loft like feeling without creating small rooms.

The bedroom space in the front of the boat and bathroom can still be divided at wish by sliding doors. To get create more space and a official entrance we decided to build a steering cabin on top of the boat which creates more space and offers the boat a more traditional character. Underneath the steering cabin a half round lounge/ guest room is created with a popup screen build in the floor.