2Xplore IT

JSPR was commissioned by 2Connected to Design to create an attractive Try & Buy store in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, for its subsidiary, 2Xplore IT. The client wanted the shop to be an icon for the brand’s products and services: satellite communication and navigation systems for geo-caching, expeditions and (global) travel. The point of departure was to be travel, combined with high-tech electronics in such a way that customers would have no trouble understanding the interior concept.

A key result of this preliminary work is furniture made of untreated wood and completely covered in a thick layer of rubber.  An adjustable, multi-layered wall system consisting of the white silhouettes of trees, communication tools and adventurous travelers brings together all aspects of the product for sale. An RGB led system installed between these layers enhances the ambience and adds a playful note to the store, while a multichannel sound generator emits sounds that evoke nature, city streets and high-tech innovation.