Custom Projects Information


Over the past few years our designs got featured in some pretty amazing projects that we proudly share with you! From hotel-lobbies and restaurants, to memberclubs and decorated events, the JSPR collections have proven themselves to be versatile, as they enlighten many different venues. A small impression of these projects, you will find on the left.

Many thanks to all interior-designers and architects that have applied our products in their projects, we love working with you.


Besides the standard JSPR collections that we offer, we are also specialized in designing and manufacturing custom products for your project. Over the past few years, JSPR has transformed into a strong team consisting of graphic-, interior- and productdesigners and other collaborators to form a perfect team for each unique project. Nowadays, we focus mainly on lighting.

We will design and produce lighting fixtures that are completely unique, gorgeous to look at, are energy efficiënt and come with their own functionality since they truly highlight the characteristics of the venue they are designed for. We only work with sustainable, high quality materials and will definitely surprise you with our many finish and design options.

We can also finalize and produce a design of your own, whether this is a table- or floor lamp, wall light, chandelier or pendant. We will think along with you regarding to the size, color and the details and make sure the design fits in with the rest of the venue it is designed for.

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