About Us


JSPR is a Dutch interior design label, specialized in creating extraordinary and distinctive products. What you will find at JSPR is furniture, lighting and interior objects for indoor and outdoor use. In particular lighting is something that arouses us a lot lately.

All products made by us will have in common that they are classic with a modern twist, retro but with innovative materials and nostalgic but with an eye on the future. We offer high quality with an unexpected touch. Creativity combined with professional craftsmanship. That’s what JSPR represents. 

Besides our standard collections, we are also specialized in designing and manufacturing custom products for you or your interior.

JSPR was founded by Jasper van Grootel, in 2005. Over the years, the label has proven itself nationally ánd internationally and our designs are now decorating leading hotels and restaurants all around the world, but also come to right in other hospitality accommodations or in domestic spheres.


It was 2005 when Jasper graduated from the well    appreciated Design Academy in Eindhoven (Netherlands). He was determined to start designing for his own future label en therefor slowly but surely started entrepreneuring during his fourth and final year at the DAE. After more than ten years of successful designs it is clear that interior is Jaspers passion, and you will least likely see him design something that is not applicable for that branche. What Jasper loves the most about his work? Seeing a product grow from sketch, to final product and not stopping there. Also the commercial- and sales part is still partly done by Jasper himself, and that makes him seem to be just as good an entrepreneur as a designer.

Interesting to know: not all JSPR products are designed by Jasper himself. We have a design team that forms the heart of the company, together with our production team, which makes sure every product is realized to everybody’s maximum satisfaction. In the past, JSPR has collaborated with other, independent designers which created a varied collection with both industrial, more colorful and chicque designs.