About Us


JSPR is a Dutch furniture and interior design brand, specialised in creating extraordinary, distinctive products and interiors. They offer high quality with an unexpected touch. Creativity combined with professional craftsmanship. That’s what JSPR represents.

Every design is infused with its own retrospective personality. This, combined with innovative materials results in a unique collection of products. Next to this JSPR also realises interior projects and produces custom-made pieces.


Jasper van Grootel founded JSPR after graduating at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2005. Nowadays JSPR consists of a team of independent designers and a production team that forms the heart of the company. The designers are supported by a technical staff to make sure every product / project is realised to everybody’s maximum satisfaction.


JSPR likes functional simplicity; quality that brings a smile to people’s faces. Their first priority is to create strong products that offer people more than they expect.